Making… Pancakes

Making… Pancakes

It only seems fitting that the first recipe I post on Pancakes and Polaroids is a pancake one! I guess first of all though, I should give you a bit of a background on my blog name.

Prior to starting my Instagram food blog, I would post the odd picture of food on my personal account. This started becoming more frequent when I discovered my love of making pancakes and more importantly, making them look pretty. I felt that most of my followers probably weren’t interested in my new found hobby, so I started my Instagram food blog in June 2016 . With that, Healthkick Kirst was born (now a popular nickname with some of my friends – thanks guys). I’ve held this name until very recently when I decided to start a blog and knew it wasn’t all going to be healthy…

SO.. we’ve got to Pancakes and Polaroids. Pancakes are where my interest in food photography began so it only seemed fitting that they were in there. Polaroids is more of a reminder to myself to take more pictures – not only of my food, but of everything else too. Photography has always been a hobby of mine and one of my goals for this year is to spend more of my spare time on it.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me introduce you to my indulgent pancake recipe. *Warning* – this is not a super healthy, two eggs and one banana, type of pancake recipe. This is a proper, thick, Scottish bannock recipe. There are probably quite a few of you asking what on earth a bannock is?!

*Bannock (food), a kind of bread, usually prepared by pan-frying.*

Okay so that doesn’t sound exactly like a pancake, but trust me – this recipe will result in those fluffy American-style pancakes that cause instant drooling.

I technically can’t take credit for this recipe, as it is one passed down to me by my Granny, but I am sure she won’t mind me sharing.

Ingredients (in oz but easily transferable to grams using google):

8oz self-raising flour

2oz caster sugar

1 egg

1 teaspoon of golden syrup

1 big pinch of bicarbonate of soda

half a pint of milk


Well, there is no real method to be honest – bung all of this in a large bowl and mix. Your mixture should be nice and thick. Somewhere between runny and spoon standing up straight should be perfect..!

Once mixed well, you are good to go. I always find with making pancakes that the hardest part is getting your frying pan to the right temperature. I tend to heat to a medium temperature and make my first pancakes very small, to find the right heat. That way if it’s awful, it can be thrown out without too much wastage – you don’t want to feel the hurt of getting rid of a full size pancake.

Next just start ladeling/pouring your mixture. I tend to do mine one by one so as not to risk the perfectly round shape. Turn once you see quite a few bubbles forming and leave for another minute or two then set onto a cooling rack. And repeat.


I made these on Pancake Day for a group of friends and they went down a treat. Let me know if you try them… I’ll consider posting my healthy pancake recipe on a day when I’m feeling less guilty and more guilt-free…

KS x

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