Making… Healthier Pancakes

Making… Healthier Pancakes

Is there anything better than a stack of thick and fluffy pancakes drowned in maple syrup and crispy bacon? I don’t think so. 

Hand on heart, I could eat pancakes for breakfast every day for the rest of my life. Maybe with the odd plate of avocado and poached egg toast thrown in there because well, I’m still basic – soz.

Unfortunately, if I did eat those calorific pancakes for breakfast every single day, my body would more than likely start to respond badly. Obviously not eating pancakes is not an option (duh) so the answer? – healthier pancakes.I’m sure you’ve all seen the “two eggs and one banana” pancakes before, thought “absolutely no chance will that work” and been pleasantly surprised when they actually do resemble something close to pancakes. My only issue with these is that I end up staaarving after an hour. Rolled oats to the rescue.


one large banana

two eggs

approx 40g rolled oats

any toppings you fancy – yoghurt, strawberries and Jim Jams Chocolate Spread for me in this instance


Grab your Nutribullet / blender / food processor and mix everything together (minus your toppings of course). The consistency shouldn’t be too runny or your pancakes will be too thin. Adding more oats will thicken the mixture.

Get your pan to your desired heat – I tend to do a mini pancake first of all to get the pan to the correct heat.

Pour your mixture into the pan to create the pancake size you’d like, turning once you see bubbles forming. If you make them relatively small you should get around 4-6 pancakes from the mixture so you can create a pretty Instagram-able stack. If you’re all about the eating and plan on scoffing these as soon as they’re out the pan, you should manage 2-3 larger pancakes.

Top with anything you like – yoghurt, maple syrup, chocolate spread, more pancakes?! The more creative the better…

Et voila – a slightly less indulgent way to enjoy favourite your pancake stack as often as you like (unless you’ve drowned it in chocolate spread and more chocolate… no judgement here, we’ve all been there).

Enjoy and share your creations with me!

KS x

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