Food at the Fringe

The Fringe is almost over for another year and I’ll be honest, it’s a bittersweet feeling. I absolutely love the Fringe – the atmosphere, the weird and wonderful shows, the food… the only thing I don’t love is the crowds. So whilst I’m sad we only have one week left to enjoy, I’ll admit I’m not going to miss leaving the office at lunchtime to battle through the stampede of tourists.

I’ve seen some excellent shows this year – Baby Wants Candy (musical improv), Out of the Blue (all male acapella), Tabarnak (Canadian circus act), several comedians (Adam Rowe and Marc Jennings were particularly good) and Flight (immersive experience) to name just a few. I love the variety and discovering new acts. But this year the stand out for me has definitely been the food. I feel like we’ve had more choice than any other year, and I’ve been stuffing myself silly with carbs, cheese and chocolate.

So who are my favourites?

The Buffalo Truck, outside Underbelly

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burgers. Do I need to say any more? I went for the Classic with black garlic mayo (minus gherkins). Wow. A big eat, big flavour and a big thumbs up.

The Mac Shack, outside George Square Gardens

A macaroni lover’s dream. I wouldn’t even class myself as a macaroni lover but this may have converted me. Watch them fill your generous portion from the enormous vat of macaroni behind the counter and top with your choice of fillings – go classic with fried onions, Scottish with whisky infused haggis, Italian with pesto, mozzarella and sundried tomatoes or spicy with chorizo and saffron. I recommend the Haggis…

Spice Girl, outside George Square Gardens

Spice Girl actually have two trucks at the Fringe this year. Get your Mexican fix with the tacos or quesadillas outside George Square Gardens. Messy and you may have a slight wait, but completely worth it. The coriander cream sauce is to die for. I went for the Baja Cod tacos but feel I may have to make a trip back to try the Pulled Pork…

Kebbabar, inside George Square Gardens

A cross between a Greek gyros and a proper kebab, these are one of the messiest things you could eat the Fringe, but totally worth it. I went for the Spicy one with marinated chicken, rose harissa honey yoghurt, onions, tomatoes and chips – lovely kick and very different to anything else on offer.

We. Sell. Dumplings., inside George Square Gardens

Straightforward and to the point. Six dumplings, £3. Topped with sweet chilli and Vietnamese sauce. Delicious and extremely good value.

The Crema Caravan, outside Gilded Balloon, Teviot

Creme Brulee isn’t something that I would usually pick because I’m all about the chocolate in a dessert. But The Crema Caravan has everyone covered with their toppings choices. Go for the Salted Caramel Brownie option if you like your chocolate. It may look small but trust me, it’s filling and satisfyingly sweet.

Where have I missed and what should I be indulging in in the final week of the Fringe?

KS x

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